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Health Benefits

Balance, Coordination and Motor skills

Thanks to the unstable nature of trampoline surfaces, performing flips, somersaults, or even just trying to bounce on the spot, helps to develop a keen sense of balance and coordination throughout the entire body. It even helps the brain construct neural synapses and pathways!

Bone Density

Repetitive bouncing on trampolines puts small amounts of stress on bones throughout your body. Over time this is enough to actually compress bones and, in turn, create a higher bone density, creating stronger bones and reducing the risk of osteoporosis and other such ailments. See, we told you it was good.

Low Impact

Running? Pah! That stuff puts pressure and strains all over your lower limbs and joints – not ideal when you’re just getting on the road to a healthier you. On the flip side, trampolines absorb almost all of the impact, as the period of acceleration and deceleration is much greater than when you run, where all you’re doing is pounding away on a surface with no give at all. In fact, trampolining reduces the stresses placed upon weight bearing joints by up to 80 percent!

Better for Cardio than Running

Runners talk about how it improves the flow of oxygen from the heart to the lungs and the rest of the body. And they’re right, it does. But recent study by NASA has shown that the effects of trampolining in terms of cardiovascular fitness – when compared to running with the same heart rate and oxygen consumption – yielded the same results after just one third of the time. In other words, 10 minutes of exercise on a trampoline is better cardio than more than 30 minutes of running. Exercise smart – Flip Out!

Mental Health

Not only does flipping and jumping on trampolines make you feel more awake and alert by pumping oxygen into the lungs and brain, it also releases endorphins – the hormones your body produces that make you feel on top of the world. Trampolines also accommodate all skill levels and help boost self-confidence for everyone getting in on the fun – it all contributes to positivity within and we could all do with more of that, right? Trampolining has even been used in some psychiatric facilities in the past to improve mental health. The process is simple: Flip Out, feel great!

Improved Lymphatic System and Stronger Cells

Sounds scary, doesn’t it? But the lymphatic system is our friend and is responsible for collecting toxins and extracellular fluid from all around the body. But because it isn’t connected to the heart, it has to rely on other methods of circulation. And recent research has discovered that – you’ve guessed it – the single most effective way to stimulate the lymphatic system is to jump on trampolines. It fact it increases flow by as much as 15 times! And don’t forget that, while trampolining, every cell within the body begins to move up and down, forcing every cell membrane to strengthen itself. How cool is that?

In a nutshell, there is no better or more fun way to get active and reap the health benefits than flipping out at Flip Out Dubai. Try it for yourself and discover that it’s far more enjoyable and rewarding than a beasting at the gym.

Safety Matters

We want you to have the most amount of fun possible, every time you visit Flip Out Dubai, and that means keeping everybody safe. We’re not burdened with a huge rulebook but there are a few requirements to bear in mind if you want to hang out with us – here they are:

There’s no age limit for flipping out but anyone 13-years of age or under needs to have a parent or guardian with them while at the park. If you’re between the ages of 14 and 18 you can trampoline to your heart’s content but a waiver form needs to be completed by a parent or guardian. They don’t need to be here in person, though, so nobody will cramp your style.