Booking will be available soon

We're sorry, our booking system is currently undergoing regular maintenance and is not available at this moment. For General Admission or Party bookings, please visit us at the store, call us at 600 567 568, or email us for General Admission enquiries & for Birthday Party enquiries. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Other Features

Valet Parking

Leave your car for someone else to deal with the parking, just as you do at this city’s finest hotels.

 Shower & Changing Room Facilities

It’s physical work when you flip out, which is why we’ve arranged for you to be able to leave as fresh as when you arrived.


Once you’re at your flipping best, you’ll want to check your bad self out on our giant Jumbotron screen. Or not. Either way, everyone gets to see a bit of the action – we need to keep everyone entertained!

Premium Café

At Flip Out Dubai you’ll work up an appetite, even if all you do is watch everyone else having fun. Which is why we’ve laid on excellent catering facilities.

Advanced LED and Laser Lighting with our Dedicated DJ Booth

It’s a different kind of culture at Flip Out. We’re loud and proud and have the sounds to match – it’s always party time here.

Double Decker and Kids Area

A new slant on trampoline parks, the Double Decker area is unique to Flip Out and the Kids Area is a safe haven for the little flippers.

Larger Mats

Our mat sizes allow you the space to do more tricks, more easily. Never done a back flip before? Well there’s no need to worry about having enough room while you’re honing your skills – there’s loads of it at Flip Out Dubai!

Obstacles and Pyramids

Flip Out Dubai incorporates added layers of fun – if you want more than an empty trampoline for your tricks and flips, there are special areas where there’s plenty to get in your way. Fear not, they don’t hurt.

Graffiti Art

At Flip Out Dubai don’t expect there to be magnolia paint on the walls – oh no, we have the coolest graffiti in town and, as you might expect, it glows in the dark!