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We're sorry, our booking system is currently undergoing regular maintenance and is not available at this moment. For General Admission or Party bookings, please visit us at the store, call us at 600 567 568, or email us for General Admission enquiries & for Birthday Party enquiries. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Meet The Team

In true Dubai fashion, Flip Out Dubai’s staff represent a melting pot and fusion of various different nationalities from all walks of life.

Despite a whole host of different personalities, skills and experience, there is one thing every single one of our staff members has in common – they are united in their passion for providing the highest levels of customer experience imaginable and ensuring you have best possible experience at Flip Out.

Customers at Flip Out are extended family…and we go to great lengths to ensure our staff’s full set of skills are on display.

Our staff’s vast arsenal of skills covers disciplines and activities such as Parkour, dancing, hang-gliding, gymnastics, football, wakeboarding, skateboarding, personal training, sports science and so much more!

Each staff member has been meticulously trained to Flip Out standards ensuring safety is the number one priority while also guaranteeing customers have the best experience possible whether that means teaching a new trick, assisting in helping achieve a trick you’ve been attempting for ages, or even just a high five and a smile.

If you think you’d fit in, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch here: