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Being a wall runner at Flip Out stands for something completely unconventional and our wall running classes are as unique and extreme as they get.

Flip Out Dubai is the only venue in the entire country to possess ‘3D wall runners’ allowing you to switch from one wall to another instantly, while executing the most insane wall running combination moves possible!

Decked out in the most amazing graffiti designs, Flip Out’s wall runners are extreme and represent wall running in its truest form – with the maximum flexibility to express yourself as you jump and flip from wall to wall.

With no previous experience required, our beginner wall runner classes aim to teach people the basics of how to run the wall, by rebounding off the trampoline bed from your back and literally running vertically up a wall.

Our Trainers



Shane’s wallrunning journey is as impressive as it is inspiring.

Able to execute some of the most complex tricks, Shane’s determination and years of practice have allowed him to not only master the basics of trampolining but also the craft of wallrunning. Having started at the very bottom and worked his way up to successfully coaching several students to expert wallrunners at Flip Out, and being responsible for teaching new staff how to master wallrunning, Shane uses his own experience to safely teach and motivate students to wallrun like they were born to do it.



Myles has over 12 years of experience in the world of gymnastics and has competed in a number of U.K. gymnastics competitions including The Nationals before moving out to Dubai.

His gymnastics skills transferred organically to the world of wallrunning as he spent years improving and eventually perfecting the craft. With an infectious passion for wallrunning, Myles’ teaching method caters to all ages groups regardless of skill level and is constantly involved in developing new combinations and techniques.