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Trampoline Parkour

Flip Out Dubai’s Trampoline Parkour programme is custom designed, created and improved upon entirely in-house by three of the most distinguished Parkour athletes in the sport. Each of them incorporate their individual styles to create a unique curriculum blend of parkour and freerunning skills, and ours is the only Trampoline Parkour programme in the country!

Our programme was designed with complete progression in mind, with classes ranging from beginners with absolutely no prior fitness or parkour experience, to intermediate and advanced practitioners.

Our Trainers



One of the early innovators of Parkour with over eight years of experience and a prominent stuntman in the region, Hesham is the chief architect of Flip Out’s Trampoline Parkour program.

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Kamelo has over ten years of experience in the art of movement and is a local daredevil executing and perfecting tricks most of us wouldn’t dare to try.

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Beginning his journey within the discipline of parkour over eight years ago, Hesham has used his extensive experience in parkour and his prior experience in disciplines such as gymnastics and Muay Thai to create his own unique take on parkour.

Hesham’s brand of parkour incorporates elements from Free Running, Capoeira and Calisthenics to provide the perfect blend of movement with creativity.
A stuntman and performer, in 2014 Hesham became the first qualifier in the region to compete in calisthenics (street workout championship) in Moscow and Kazakhstan.Some of his Ad, Stunt and TV Work include work with brands such as:

  • Rani Float - Choreography
  • Rotana - Stuntman
  • Yas Marina Circuit
  • Sony
  • Toyota
  • Etisalat - Stuntman
  • G-Shock – Sponsored/Adverts


Kamelo is a founder of one of the first parkour teams in Egypt and is constantly striving to perfect his flow focusing primary on the efficiency of movement from point A to point B.

Jumping and flipping are a regular part of his day to day life and teaching his craft has developed into a serious passion for Kamelo who enjoys seeing his students reflecting his passion for parkour.

Kamelos Performance, Ad and Brand Work include:

  • One Giant Leap global event representing Cairo, Egypt
  • Pyramids Marathon
  • Arab's Got Talent Season 1
  • Urban Culture Mediterranean Gathering
  • Cadbury Advert
  • Stunt double in various Egyptian TV Series
  • Parkour Model for American Eagle
  • Parkour Model for G-shock