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Little Ninjas

Flip Out Dubai holds special classes for cool kids who want to flip, twist and move like real
Ninjas. If you’ve ever wanted to give your child the edge on physical competitions, it starts here, in Flip Out’s Little Ninjas!

With complete child development in mind, we train to achieve balance, coordination, agility, developing left and right motor receptors to help children react faster to prevent accidents.

As each child develops, we encourage and teach them to complete tricks at their own pace, such as back flips and jump twists. As they prove their skills, they are rewarded with different coloured belts, starting with white and finishing at black – just like a competitive martial art.

Our Trainers



Vladimir is a professional acrobat with over eight years of practicing and performing experience.

With more than 300 performances across different public events across the Europe and Middle East under his belt, Vlad combines many types of extreme and modern sports such as breakdancing, free running, calisthenics, trampolining and slackline jumping in his performances.

A certified physical education teacher, Vlad has a passion for teaching the next generation of acrobats and ‘ninjas’ ensuring they learn the skill under a safe and fun environment with clearly defined progress benchmarks.