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Flip Fit

FLIP FIT is a unique trampoline based high intensity Interval Training (HIIT) fitness class. For 60 minutes FLIP FIT pushes you to your limits with every beat of our carefully curated playlists.

Our head trainer, Hesham IV, has designed each class to be high energy and provide a total body workout. Each week we Flip things up to keep things fresh and keep you off your toes! With several years of experience under his belt, Hesham promises that FLIP FIT offers a dynamic, fun and fat burning work out.

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Our Trainers



Hesham is an Fitness trainer certified by ISSA, Calisthenics for Fitness Professionals and Zumba Strong (HIITZ). He is a confident, creative and a highly experienced performer with over eight years’ professional experience in coaching fitness, strength and body weight training, music interval training, Parkour and calisthenics.



A professional sports trainer from Belgium, Remi possess multiple degrees in Sports and Physical Education, playing basketball in the national championship before arriving at Flip Out.

Remi is a REPs certified personal trainer and specialises in everyday fitness and healthy living, he is also the first GoXpro practitioner in the Middle East. An expert in postural analysis, which allows him to strengthen your weaknesses and release your tensions, Remi is also highly adept at HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).