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Winter Fun has a New Address @ Flip Out Dubai!!!


There are summer people and winter people and that’s all there is to it. There are summer activities and winter activities, but indoor trampolining? That’s a year-round invitation to have gravity-defying fun. Bouncing, back flipping, cannon-balling into foam pits is something everyone can enjoy – young and old.

It’s easy to get caught up in a stale daily routine – work to home and home to work (maybe with school trips and visits to the gym in between). Break the monotony this season and head out to Flip Out, the greatest indoor trampoline park in Dubai, a brilliant outing for both family and friends, no matter their age or fitness level. Need a reason to go trampolining this winter? Here are 6:


1. Have a New Kind of Winter Fun: Winter weather in Dubai is wonderful; cooler temperatures and brilliant winter skies. There’s always a lot to do but sometimes people can get bored of the same excursions to the beach or a park. Walking around the mall, seeing a movie or having a meal is such a humdrum way to spend free time. We’ve all done that millions of times. On the other hand, visiting an indoor trampoline park can provide hours of exercise, excitement and fun. The energy boost from doing something active, challenging and entertaining can last for days. It’s a great outing for the entire family. Arranging with friends and their kids for a big day out has never been easier.


2. Get the Kids Out of the House and Away from their Electronics: One of the worst features of our modern age is that children are not getting enough exercise contributing to a world-wide child obesity epidemic. Sometimes it seems that all of kids’ attention is monopolised by the many kinds of digital entertainment available. That’s why its good to unplug them and let them experience an unfiltered real-life experience of pure physical fun. Under the supervision of trained fitness professionals, kids can feel the ultimate freedom of running and tumbling, screaming and jumping, playing and dancing to their heart’s content. Parents can relax because they know the children are in a safe and clean environment. They also don’t need to worry about kids overheating and catching cold as they can when playing outdoors because the indoor arena is temperature controlled. Flip Out Dubai also hosts awesome personalised birthday parties for children of all ages. Enquire about our birthday party packages.


3. Have a Fun Workout and Burn up to 1,000 Calories: During the winter it’s easy to over-indulge and start to put on weight. While the gym is great for general fitness, sometimes a work-out can just feel like work. Trampolining is an excellent way to keep fit, providing a superb low-impact workout, increasing the metabolic rate and improving all-over muscle tone. Research carried out by NASA showed that 10 minutes on a trampoline provides a better cardiovascular workout than jogging for 30 minutes. Joining in with the kids can help parents burn up excess calories while spending quality family time.

For a more structured exercise session, Flip Out Dubai also offers Flip Fit – a 60-minute unique trampoline based high intensity interval training fitness class. Flip Fit provides a total body fat burning work out set to lively music that doesn’t only build core and leg strength but also improves balance and coordination. This makes a welcome change from the often-dreary work out routines in the gym. There are also ladies’ only classes.


4. Learn to Walk on Walls: For those who’ve always dreamt of being a Parkour champion but lacked the opportunity or skill or courage, trampolining offers a taste of the real thing. Instead of just learning to walk up a single wall, Flip Out provides 3 dedicated U-shaped walls. Flip Out Dubai is the only place in the Middle East where one can safely experience the unique 3D Wall arena because they actually invented it.

They also modified the “half-pipe”, first used by extreme sports like skateboarding and snowboarding, by adding a trampoline. The 10m long tumble track, open at both ends and with angled sides is just one more feature for athletic entertainment. With 200 interconnected trampolines, a foam pit and a 50 square metre pit with a Super Olympic level trampoline, both newbies and daredevils can learn new skills, try out new stunts and feel like a superhero.


5. Adults Only Fun: Sometimes adults just need time together without the children. Leaving the kids at home and heading out for different kind of adult fun at an indoor trampoline facility makes a switch from hanging out in a coffee shop or having a heavy meal. Unlike a Playstation session, everyone gets a go and it doesn’t matter how good anyone is because these are games anybody can join. Playing a team sport, like volleyball, dodgeball, football or archery tag with a group of friends or colleagues is the best way to de-stress, learn cooperation and build a real team spirit.

 Every Thursday, Flip Out Flips the Lights with a rip-roaring trampoline dance party to the crashing tunes of their in-house DJ. The night club vibe is enhanced by giant LED screens, laser lights a special after-dark menu and mocktails.

Arranging a corporate event or team building session at an indoor trampoline arena is sure to make an impression on managers and employees alike. A totally relaxed atmosphere, with music, games and competitive activities that are suitable for people at different fitness levels is a proven method for taking a group of diverse individuals and forging them into a team. Check out our group offers and team building events.


 6. Bubble Soccer! Why is it that almost everything with the word bubble in it is fun? Bubble tea, bubble bath, bubble gum, blowing bubbles, etc. Now there is bubble soccer. Playing footie while encased from head to shoulders in a big plastic bubble might seem a bit odd. It is odd, but it’s also super fun and super safe. Great for kids over 7, adults of any age and corporate events. Now available every day at Flip  Out. Just another reason to head to Flip Out now.


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