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Flip Out’s 7-Step Secret Formula to Organise the Perfect Birthday Party for your Kid

Your kids are your pride and joy. It seems impossible but every year you seem to love them more and more. You want to give them an extra special birthday celebration but with all the choices out there and all the kids’ activities available in Dubai, it can get a little confusing. Should you have the birthday at home or at an outside venue? What to do for the entertainment? Should you have a theme or keep it relaxed. What about the food for the celebration?


Flip Out has the answer to all those questions. So, how can you give your child the greatest kid’s party without breaking the bank, wrecking your home or losing your mind? Flip Out just won the BEST PARTY VENUE at the Time Out Kids Awards 2017, so they know what they are talking about. They offer specially tailored birthday packages that no one else has anywhere in Dubai. You get a dedicated party host to supervise the children’s play and to make sure they are happy and engaged. You also get a private celebration room for the entire duration of the party (you can book 1 hour or 2 hour slots). Don’t forget that they also provide a custom designed cake and child friendly food and drink. The birthday package also includes super party decorations and goodie bags. Parents get to relax with a coffee or soft drink on a viewing deck while the kids get the run of the indoor trampoline park, jumping, somersaulting, laughing, screaming or playing any of the exciting games on offer including Dodgeball, Slam Dunk, Foam Pit, Half Pipe, Archery and Bubble Soccer.


Here’s Flip Out’s 7- Step secret formula to organise the perfect birthday party for your kid:


1. Pick the Perfect Venue: Kids need an action packed entertaining party time. Gone are the days when our sophisticated young ones could be satisfied with a cake, balloons and a couple of rounds of pin the tail on the donkey. Indoor trampoline parks are a tried and tested solution for energetic kids. When you choose an indoor trampoline park, you know that the children will get to play and party in a safe, clean, supervised environment. There is no better trampoline arena than Flip Out Dubai. When you hold an event at Flip Out Dubai you get to relax knowing that all the details are being taken care of and that at the end of the party you can pick up your child (or children), gather up the presents and go back to a neat and tidy home.


2. Pick the Right Date & Time: You don’t have to be constrained by your child’s actual birthdate. The best time to plan your event is on a week-end, but make sure to stay away from long breaks when friends may be away travelling. Early or late afternoon are the best times for children. Timing is important, choose early afternoon before 1 pm or after 4 pm to avoid younger kids nap times.


3. The Guest List: Keep the guest list small and manageable. Ask your child to pick his or her closest friends – that means a maximum of 15 – 20 kids‎‎ (including your own with any siblings). There is no need to invite the whole class. If your school allows it, you can ‎send a birthday cake with some snacks to be eaten during lunch. If not don’t worry about it. ‎Also make sure you have an invitation buffer –expect that up to 1/3 of the kids invited will not ‎show up. That means if you want 20 kids, be safe and invite 25. But don’t be surprised if once they know it’s at Flip Out Dubai, all of them turn up. Remember some parents, especially with younger kids, will prefer to remain with them. Discuss this with your party coordinator.


4. The Party Theme: This is so important: consult the guest of honor. Don’t take it for granted that you know what your child wants. Last year, all she wanted was Frozen, this year snow and Elsa are out, Sofia the First and tiaras are in. Last year he wanted Ben10, this year it’s WWE?! This is also good way to get your child to participate in the planning and to feel some responsibility as a party host.


5. Let Flip Out Dubai do the Work: Now that you’ve set the date and selected a theme, let the party specialists take care of all the details. Bookings and arrangements are as easy as pie. Expert planners will walk you through all the choices you need to make to ensure your darling has a unique party package. From that special cake, to themed decorations and goodie bags, Flip Out Dubai has you covered.


6. The Invitations: Paper or electronic invites? These days paper isn’t necessary, but if you feel you must, then feel free to send them. Electronic invites are absolutely required. Send out the invites early enough so that parents can pencil you into their schedules. Then follow up closer to the party date. Don’t forget to confirm and re-confirm a night before. Flip Out provides predesigned invites which you can use.


7. Party Time: On the party day, get there a little early so you and your child are there to greet the guests as they arrive. Think about placing any gifts on a table and make sure that someone records who gave which package. This is a good job for an older sibling or cousin. It’s always a bad idea to open presents at the party. Things inevitably get broken or lost, and some of the kids are sure to get bored. Keep the focus on the trampolining activities and on eating and drinking. Now sit back and relax, or join in the activities. Lastly, don’t forget to bring your camera and make sure all the phones are charged because you are going to shoot some amazing photos and videos to help you remember all the fun.


Flip Out Dubai understands that your child is one of a kind, that’s why they put so much effort into making sure that every birthday they organise is special and unforgettable. It’s never too early to plan for your child’s birthday party, so why not call them up today and ask about their amazing offers and rates?

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