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12 Random Facts About Trampolines‎


Another weekend drags around. The significant other is getting grouchy and the kids are getting ‎‎ (more) bug eyed staring at their assorted screens (TV, tablet, smartphone). You could drag everybody ‎out to the mall or drop into a fast-food restaurant just like every other ordinary week-end. But don’t waste your time looking for things to do with your kids in Dubai. Why do ‎the ordinary when you can do something fun and physical that the whole family can enjoy? Great days ‎out with the kids are a snap when there’s an indoor trampoline park near you. ‎


You may think that you know everything about trampolines but you don’t. There’s more to ‎trampolines than just jumping up and down. But before you gather up the family and head out, here ‎are few things about trampolines:

1. Trampolines are said to have been first invented by the Intuit who during celebrations would ‎toss individual dancers into the air using tightly stretched walrus skins. Other people say it was ‎the English who also used to throw people up in the air for fun. ‎‎

2. Modern Trampolines were actually invented by two Americans: George Nissen and Larry ‎Griswold in 1936 at the University of Iowa. The pair based their inventions on observations of ‎circus trapeze arts using the bouncing safety nets for tumbling and acrobatics and they built it ‎in their garage. ‎

3. The word trampoline comes from the Spanish word trampolin, which means diving board.

4. According to NASA, trampoline workout is better than jogging, 68% better. ‎Apparently, you can burn as many calories in 10 minutes rebounding as in 30 minutes of ‎jogging, with less wear and tear on your bones and tendons. It’s a perfect low impact cardio-‎vascular work-out. Using one regularly can also improve balance, coordination and rhythm. It ‎exercises all the major muscle groups, improves core strength and benefits the lymphatic ‎system.‎ This may make it simply the most effective and efficient way to exercise.

5. During WWII, the US Navy used trampolines in their pilot training program because they not ‎only increased strength but also helped pilots become used to some of the physical sensations ‎of flight. Astronauts are also big fans of trampolines. Exercising on one can help astronauts ‎prepare for long space missions and recuperate afterwards.

6. Alongside the physical benefits of trampolining, it has been proven to improve mood, and concentration among those who regularly use trampolines. Kids can also benefit through an improved sense of confidence that can help them in other aspects of their lives like school-work and team sports.

7. The first ever Trampoline World Championships was held in 1964 at Royal Albert Hall in ‎London. But it wasn’t until 36 years later in 2000 that Trampolining was recognized as an ‎Olympic sport at the Sydney Games. ‎

8. The world record for number of consecutive somersaults on a trampoline is 3,333, achieved by ‎the UKs Brian Hudson on 18th September 2003 in Gillingham.

9. The number of most ever people ‎on trampolines is 375; achieved by the Geylang Serai Community Sports Club in Singapore on ‎‎8th July 2017. There were actually 376 participants. Interestingly, one lady was ‎disqualified when she paused to take a selfie.‎

10. The Guinness World record for the highest ever trampoline bounce by a team is 6.73m (22 ft. 1in). It was set by brothers Eric, Sean and TJ Kennedy in New York on 8th April 2014.

11. ‎There are now more than 700 indoor trampoline parks worldwide. This maybe the fastest ‎growing segment of the family leisure industry. Why? Because it combines a safe environment ‎with a physical work-out and many fun activities that both adults and children can enjoy no matter their level of physical fitness.‎

12. ‎Dubai is home the largest indoor trampoline park in the Middle East – Flip Out. Not only do they ‎have more than 200 interconnected trampolines, they also have obstacles, mini -foam pits, ‎volleyball, dodge ball, football, double-decker trampoline areas, and the Middle East’s first ‎ever archery tag facility. ‎


What more could anyone want for a fantastic day out with the kids? ‎Flip Out Dubai stands head and shoulders above the competition. It’s simply the best indoor trampolining facility in the region. You will not be able to find a better, safer, or more enjoyable way to entertain your family with so many engaging fully-supervised activities. Just remember, trampolining is not just for the kids. It’s a great way for adults to get a physical work out while de-stressing.

Make sure you don’t miss out on your share of the trampolining fun at Flip Out. Take along a few friends and their kids and make the week-end even better. And if you’re looking for a unique yet fun way to celebrate your birthdays and corporate team building events, don’t forget that you can also book with Flip Out.


Call 600-567568 now for more details and we hope to see you trampolining with us this weekend!