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The Do’s and Don’ts of Trampolining



One important way to keep fit and live a happy and healthy life is by exercising your body on a regular basis. By doing exercise, you build your body such that it becomes resistant to diseases at the same time building a nice and desirable physique.

Before thinking of getting to do a trampoline workout for a healthy life, it is essential to know what a trampoline is and what the basic rules are. It is also essential to put into consideration what to do and what not to do, as well as who can do a trampoline workout.

This article will answer the above questions that will excite you so that you can hardly wait to get started.



Located in Dubai, Flip Out is a large trampoline park and no doubt the largest trampoline park in the region.

Flip Out also boasts of the first ever archery tag facility in the Middle East. You will also find in this trampoline park, mini-foam pits, dodgeball, football, volleyball as well as the double-decker trampoline areas among others.

The instructors at Flip Out are well groomed in different backgrounds such as gymnastics and parkour. With these instructors, you can relax and be rest assured you will have a great feel of the trampoline, more than you have ever had or ever think of.



Trampolining is becoming increasing in popularity among families, adding them to their home gardens, trusting there is no better way to motivate kids to take part in exercise and have fun. Also, due to weather restrictions, trampolining is one of the best kids activities to do in Dubai.

Not only are trampolines found in homes, despite home use being strongly discouraged, it also has been a theme to some of the parks in Dubai.

The reason trampolines are discouraged for home use, is to avoid the risk of fractures as well as head and neck injuries, hence it is recommended to be used in well-equipped certified parks.

With mini trampolines and led by well-trained instructors, kids can actively take part in trampoline workouts without sustaining any injury whatsoever. Trampolining in Dubai can be the best days out with the kids, trust us!



To avoid the risk of injury from trampoline workouts, it is important to be well-informed of the basic rules of using the trampolines. Before you look for ‘Trampoline Park near me” on Google, here are some basic rules to help you get started to ensure your trampoline exercise is safe.


Before anything, it is advisable to get the basic bounces right. It is important for you to learn and understand how to safely step on the trampoline and carry out a stop-motion routine. It is a must that you bend your knees to prevent the trampoline from rebounding you.To make sure you get it right from the start, it is advisable to do the basic bounces at your first attempt. To prevent falling over, you need to try as much as possible not to lean forward or backward. You must stand up straight.When landing on your feet, it is essential to always point your toes. It is important for an efficient bounce to land flat on your feet and keeping them this way until the bed rises again. For a higher drive, however, you need to press your toes deeper into the bed.


To do the tuck jump, do the normal jump until you reach its peak. While your legs are straight, your arms need to be above your head for the tuck jump. You then need to bring the knees towards the chest the moment you are at the top of the jump. Ensure your shin is parallel to your back and your knees are as close to your chest as much as possible, and your hands to reach out in front of your knees. Before making contact with the trampoline bed while you come out of the tuck on your way down, ensure your arms rise again.


Keep your head and arms above your toes as you are taking off, you have to go high and slightly tilt your pelvis upwards; this is how the seat drop is done. To prepare yourself for landing, you have to bring down your arms in such a way that you are ready to place it right behind your seat and extending your feet forward.


For the front drop, you need to start bouncing with your hands and knees simultaneously. You need to push your hips backwards while bouncing and keep your legs straight as you drop. The best way to be comfortable with your landing is to bring your hands in front of your face for protection.


You need to start to bend down from a standing position while you place your hands, facing forward, on the trampoline, shoulder-wide. Put the back of your head onto the floor and your chin tucked to your chest.

Onto your back, rotate your body over your head by pushing yourself off the floor with your legs, push off your hands and press your feet to the floor to stand up.



One at a time: It is important to know you can only have one person at a time on a trampoline to prevent collision and consequently injury.

No flips and somersaults: Unless under the supervision of an expert, it is recommended not to attempt flips and somersaults of any sort to avoid serious injury especially to the spine.

Learn the basics: For better experience and safety, it is essential to learn the basics first.

No toys: Keep all toys or bikes away from the trampoline to avoid crashing into them while jumping.

Safe Entry and Exit: Ensure you don’t jump off the trampoline because you can crash on the hard surface and sustain serious injury. Enter and exit the trampoline arena through a stable ladder.



Conclusively, it is essential to learn the basics of trampolining before embarking on the workout and be well-informed about what to do and what not to do. When you know the basics, it will be much easier to do the workouts without sustaining injuries.

The basics of the trampoline and the do’s and don’ts prepares you for the activity ahead and helps you enjoy the experience as much as you want.


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