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8 Innovative Team Building Activities to Revitalise Your Team Building Session

team building activities


Most businesses aren’t one-man shows. Behind every owner is usually a team of skilled professionals who need to work together like a well-oiled machine to get the job done right, quickly and efficiently.

Most of your company’s success is likely tied to how well your employees collaborate on the job, but making the kind of connection that facilitates teamwork doesn’t always come naturally, even for talented professionals.

Team building exercises are often an ideal way to bring your workers together, allowing them to bond and learn to work as a unit while doing fun activities. They can be great for morale and a good source of motivation, making everyone more comfortable with one another, both in and away from the workplace. Plus, when you divide workers into groups, they can learn to communicate better with one another while developing problem-solving skills in unique, low-risk situations. They are also instrumental in building trust between workers and members of leadership, making everyone feel like colleagues.

But traditional team building exercises aren’t always the most engaging, especially if your employees have done them all before. And that’s where a trampoline park can come in to the mix.

Trampoline parks are indoor facilities designed to elevate the trampolining experience with fun, creative games and activities, many of which are perfect for team building. So, if you’re ready for truly innovative team building activities, here are a few which are worth checking out.



Dodgeball has grown in popularity, especially among adults, making it a perfect team building activity when you hit the trampoline park in Dubai. This childhood game takes on a new dimension when everyone is jumping from one trampoline to the next.

Just like traditional dodgeball, the game is played with teams, encouraging each group of employees to work together to beat the others. And, it’s a lot of fun, making it a memorable trampoline park experience.



If trampoline dodgeball isn’t your thing, then what about volleyball? This team-oriented sport is truly astonishing when you add trampolines to the mix, allowing people to jump higher for blocks and spikes. Since teammates need to work together, it’s great for team building. And, if you have a large number of staff members, you can even divide it up into a tournament, giving everyone a reason to give it their all.

You don’t have to be a stickler for the traditional rules of volleyball to make this activity work, so, even if no one has played before, it can still be a fun trampoline park activity that gets the heart pumping and everyone smiling.



Part mental, part physical, and all fun! Archery tag at a trampoline arena involves using bows and arrows to tag members of the opposite team. Since the activity has your employees split into two groups, each one will have to work together to achieve victory.

All of the equipment is designed specifically for archery tag, so no one will get hurt while participating in the team building exercise. Instead, everyone can just enjoy themselves while trying to be the best team in the trampoline park.



A Flip Out, their exclusive 3D wall running arena gives people the chance to try out this adventurous activity for themselves without the risks associated with landing on solid ground. Instead of a traditional surface, the floor is a trampoline, giving people that extra bit of bounce to help them achieve their dream of being a wall runner.

While this isn’t necessarily a group activity, it can be great for everyone’s self-esteem, as pulling off an outstanding flip certainly boosts the ego. Plus, your employees can cheer each other on, providing everyone with support as they give it a try, something that is great for team building.



Another trampoline arena activity that’s great for self-esteem is the basketball slam dunk activity. Basketball hoops are placed near the ends of trampolines, allowing everyone to get a remarkable amount of height and become a slam dunk superstar.

Your employees can try out moves they may never have thought possible, all while being cheered on by their teammates, which is definitely something worth remembering.



Who hasn’t pictured themselves playing a vital part in a penalty shoot-out on the pitch? This team building activity pits goalies against an opponent, giving them a chance to defend the goal like never before. Everything is set up on a trampoline, so goalies can jump higher and further than ever before. So, if playing professional football was ever a dream for you and your employees, this is definitely a great game to try out.



Regular trampoline football not thrilling enough for you? Then climb inside a giant zorb and give Bubble Soccer a go! Teams go head to head in a match where they can bounce of each other and knock each other down whilst being completely protected by inflatable zorbs. Your employees can huddle together to devise the strategy for their play encouraging teamwork and planning. The team with the most goals win! Topped off with a final game of human bowling to see who is left standing, this will be one activity employees will bond over.



When it’s time to just have some fun, the foam pit at a trampoline arena can be an ideal choice. Your workers can take turns launching themselves off of the trampoline and landing in a deep foam block-filled pit. This gives everyone an opportunity to try flips and spins, all while knowing their landing will be soft and safe. Not competitive enough for you then why not add in a relay race. First team to scramble their way over the foam wins! Ultimately, this is a great way to blow off some steam and have a few laughs while spending time together.


As you can see, trampoline parks in Dubai have a lot to offer in the realm of team building. Not only will your employees have a chance to work together in unique situations, but they’ll also have fun trying out the activities and getting to know one another. By combining enjoyment with team building, the results can be incredibly effective.

And, it makes the experience truly memorable, ensuring they’ll be excited when the next team building event comes around.

So, why stick with traditional team building exercises when you can instead have an exceptional time at a trampoline arena?

If you’re interested in trying out these innovative team buildings ideas, Flip Out Dubai has everything you need for a truly memorable event. Check out all of their available activities and select the ones that most appeal to you and your team.


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