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The Flippin’ Basics

Flip Out Flipping Techniques Image

If you are planning your first visit to Flip Out Dubai and you want to get the most out of your time, then you’ve landed in the right place! This blog will explain the fundamentals required to start your trampoline journey.

First, you need to get the basic bounces on track. You need to understand how to step safely onto the trampoline and attempt a stop motion routine. To stop the trampoline from rebounding you, you must bend your knees. This should be done on your first attempt, to ensure you practice proper form from the very beginning. You will also want to stand up straight. Try not to lean forwards or backwards as you land to avoid falling over.

It is important that you point your toes at all times APART from when landing on your feet. To achieve the most efficient bounce, you should land with your feet ‘flat’ on the bed and then keep them that way until the bed begins to rise again. As the rising bed begins to accelerate, press your toes deeper into the bed (keeping your legs straight) to drive yourself higher. Then remember to keep them pointed until you are about to land again.

Second, The Tuck Jump

To perform this specific type of jump, you should go through the motion of a normal jump until you reach its peak. Your arms should be above your head and your legs should be straight. The moment you reach the top of the jump, start to bring the knees towards the chest and the hands towards the knees. The knees should be as close to your chest as you can get them, and your shins should be parallel to your back. As you come out of the tuck on the way down, your arms should rise again before you make contact with the trampoline bed.

Seat Drop

To do this jump, reach high and tilt your pelvis upwards slightly while keeping your head and arms above your toes as you take off. This causes a very small amount of somersault rotation! As you come back towards the trampoline you start to prepare for landing by bringing your arms down to a position ready to be placed just behind your seat and extend your feet forwards. You should land with your back close to upright and hands tucked in just behind your seat with your fingers facing the same way as your toes.

Front Drop

Starting on your hands and knees, you begin bouncing with hands and knees at the same time. Focus the eyes on a point straight ahead of you throughout. You will then push your hips backwards as you bounce, and straighten your legs as you drop to land on your front-side and torso; while at the same time you must bring your arms to a position where your hands touch the trampoline slightly overlapping and in front of your face for protection. Once you are comfortable with the landing this way. you can then attempt it from a standing position.

Are you scared of Flippin’? Let’s try a roll first…

The forward roll

From a standing position you begin to crouch down, placing your hands shoulder width apart and hands facing forward. Tuck your chin to your chest and place the back of your head onto the floor. Next, push off the floor with your legs and rotate your body over your head onto your back. Then press your feet onto the floor and push off the hands to stand up.

At Flip Out our experienced marshals are on hand to help you perfect your skills and help you progress to more advanced movements and techniques. We will share some more tips and moves with you later, but we challenge you to perfect these ones first!



Article By:

Fitness Manager

Hesham Kamel