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Break free your comfort zone

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Comfort zone is neither good or bad, it’s a natural state that we all experience, in which we have mental and physical security and happiness. Outside of that zone we find uncertainty, risk, anxiety and doubt.

Getting out of your zone (and getting over your fears) is always a challenge, and can be the single biggest obstacle to overcome when attempting any freestyle sports or art of movement. Teaching someone to escape their comfort zone is most difficult, since that desire must come from within, and each person’s level of hesitation to ‘break out’ is unique.

Why are you afraid? Is it fear of the body or fear of the mind? If you don’t think you have the physical ability of landing the specific move, don’t try it. However, if your mind is holding you back but you know you are physically capable that you can make it, go for it.

Fear is healthy and it serves a purpose. Always remember that. If you are afraid of something, there is a reason. Find that reason, and determine for yourself it is justified. Unjustified fear is unhealthy, and by realizing this you will eliminate it, and your fear will be gone.

If you cannot fully commit to a move, go back to the basics. If you are unable to muster up enough courage for a 9-foot precision jump, take a step back and practice 8-foot precision jumps until you feel ready. If you cannot do a back handspring, master macacos (monkey flips).

Always remember some great things happen when you are uncomfortable. Try to understand how / why / when to break out.

So why would someone step out of the zone?

  • Build new habits with the desire to learn new skills and share with others
  • Ability to deal with unexpected changes
  • Improved mental strength and the capacity to push your boundaries
  • Increased creativity in movement and life
  • Noticeable difference in the way look at situations (open mindset)

At Flip Out our team is dedicated to help guide you get out of your comfort zone and push your boundaries. We teach skills and strategies to allow you to progress and become better movers as we #FlipTheRules.


Article By:

Fitness Manager

Hesham Kamel