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Importance of exercise for teens & kids

We know them as Generation Z – cool, modern, bright and competitive digital natives. They are inclined to stay indoors and play games on gadgets, watch TV and delve into social media, rather than have fun outside. The situation is alarming, the younger generation are missing out on the great outdoors, staying active, healthy and socializing with friends.

It is our responsibility to encourage them to explore their interests and nurture their talents.

Fun and challenging activities are crucial for development at any age. Team sports, solving puzzles, gymnastics, jumping and team games are proven to improve brain function. In fact, the social interaction of playing with family/friends can help reduce stress. It’s time to cut down on screen time and get involved in fun physical activities and give them a sense of belonging to a community.

Pick an activity which matches their age and abilities or even better choose group activities which provide an opportunity for the whole family to get involved. We are more likley to enjoy sports/physical activities which our peers enjoy.

Try to help them build on any inherent interests – It keeps them engaged for the long term!