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Learn Flippin’ this spring camp!

Since holidays are coming up, parents are in constant search of engaging their kids into camps where they can have fun while they learn new things. Kids are full of energy! What better way to channelize that into something productive yet exciting. Camps are an excellent opportunity for kids to make new friends and acquire new talents.

While picking a camp there are several thoughts that cross parent’s minds. The ambience, location, accessibility etc. We have break down a few for you –

  • Environment – This plays a vital role as warm & friendly staff would help in nurturing kids. Our trained staff ensures that they learn new techniques while being safe.
  • Social learning – In addition to these sports, parents want kids to have unstructured play time & fun with other kids to develop their social skills. It’s a great way to broaden your child’s social circle & make them grow.
  • Variety – Our camp offers various sport options to choose from. Multiple activities/sports help kids develop balance, coordination & discipline. Our experts would train them in parkour, gymnastics, archery, wall running and other trampoline based games.
  • Structure – How ideal is the place for your child, if the play area meet your requirements, ventilation, space room etc. needs to be considered too.
  • Safety – Ask for the safety regulations & if the camp is equipped with ready to use first-aid for kids.


At Flip Out we strive to provide a safe & fun environment with caring adult mentors who provide an experience that helps kids grow socially, emotionally and academically.

We have crafted special program this spring for children who are sports/exercise enthusiasts. It covers activities like Parkour, 3D wall running, Teen tricks, Archery Tag, Trampoline sports, competitive games etc. The sessions will be held every Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday from 12 – 4 PM. Minimum age – 5 yrs old. SPRING BREAK CAMP prices are as follows 3 sessions per week:

a.) 140 AED for daily drop ins per sessions

b.) 350 AED per week

**10% siblings discount on weekly bookings only (3 sessions per week)

*Snacks included

Dates – 26th March – 6th April.

Come Flippin’ to join the fun!