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Jump higher, live longer!

Jump higher, live longer – Working out doesn’t need to be boring, mixing up the way you exercise can make it more fun and have you achieve results faster!

Jumping on a trampoline can activate more muscles when compared to many exercises you do in the gym. It’s time to achieve a healthier happier you! Read below to know how!

Benefits –

  • Low impact – One of the main drawbacks of running is the amount of pressure & strain that can be placed on the lower limbs and joints. Trampolines absorb up to 80% off the stress of weight bearing joints and helps in easing them out.
  • Balance & co-ordination – Due to the unstable nature of trampoline surface, performing acts such as flip, somersaults or even just trying to bounce on the spot helps to develop a sense of balance and coordination throughout the entire body.
  • Bone density – Repetitive bouncing on trampolines put small amounts of stress on bones throughout the body. This stress over time compresses bones which in turn create a higher bone density leading to stronger bones and reducing risk of osteoporosis and other ailments.
  • Mental health – The physical act of jumping on trampolines make you feel awake and alert by pumping oxygen into the lungs and brain, it also releases endorphins. Endorphins induce natural pain relief and a greater sense of wellbeing. Trampolines have a relatively forgiving surface which accommodates all skill levels also helps boost self-confidence within individuals. These two factors accompanied with the sheer enjoyment factor of jumping is sure to help improve the mental state.
  • Improved lymphatic system – Lymphatic system is responsible for collecting toxins extracellular fluid from all around the body, bud due to the fact that it isn’t connected to the heart, it has to rely on other ways of circulation. Recent research has discovered that the single most effective way of stimulating the lymphatic system is by jumping on trampolines, increasing flow as much as 15 times!
  • Strengthen cells – Whilst bouncing, every cell within the body begins to move up and down. In order to maintain their integrity and prevent harm coming to the contents, the cell membranes strengthen themselves.
  • Cardiovascular Fitness – Running is well renowned for its ability to improve the flow of oxygen from the heart to the lungs and the rest of the body. A recent study by NASA however has stated that the effects of trampolining yielded the same results as cardiovascular exercises in one-third of the time. In effect, 10 minutes on a trampoline, equates to over 30 minutes running.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be – Flippin’ Fit caters to people of all fitness levels, with different moves targeting beginners and advanced levels, all in one class! Check out our schedule & call 600 567 568 to join in!